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pigeons in the attic by Rebecca Michelle Lee c2010
pigeons in the attic by Rebecca Michelle Lee c2010

My original Poem, "Pigeons in the Attic," is the inspiration for my art shop on It all started with my first place, way back in the day, (1999,) that I rented with friends in Media, PA. My room was in the attic, and I am still unsure to this day whether or not the pigeons in the wall were actually in the wall or in my head. Just kidding... don't worry other people could see and hear them too. Anyway... even though I have "moved on up to the East Side," I still have these darn pigeons in my head. Be sure to check the USA Census of 2000 when it is released in the year 2072, and try to locate me, Rebecca Michelle Lee, in Media, Pennsylvania 19063.


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pigeons in
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